About Us
1stopinsurance.ca provides a listing of quoting and informational links for all your convenient online insurance needs. Through our affiliations, we keep providing our visitors with the best and most innovative insurance programs available. After an extensive search, we have partnered with Manulife Financial to provide you with all your individual health and dental plans. All the online application quoting forms provided by each individual company are easy to use. When you click on the required link, you will be taken to that page. We suggest that you enter all relevant information requested for great savings and accurate quotes.Manulife Financial provides tailored plans that are ideal for individuals and small businesses not qualifying for Group Insurance. Manulife Financial will allow you to get personalized quotes and apply online for these plans.We also have an a long affiliation with Kanetix. Kanetix, is not an insurance company, but represents over thirty Canadian insurance companies providing auto, condo, home, life and travel insurance quotes.  1stopinsurance also has affiliations with several international marketers of insurance products ranging from auto to dental. These companies are based in the United States and the United Kingdom especially for our international visitors. Also listed on this site are online support and application forms for your Canadian mortgage quotes. If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with us. 1stopinsurance.ca is a Canadian based and operated online insurance information controlled by an Administrator with over with over twenty years of sales and insurance experience.