At, we’re focused on one thing and one thing only – making it easier for our Canadian users to meet and manage their insurance needs online.Whether it be learning more about insurance, getting multiple quotes from the leading insurance companies, or the purchasing a policy online, users can be assured we can fulfill all their insurance needs at  FollowMeTM allows you to continue enjoying health and dental benefits even if your employment benefits end. There’s no need to worry about interruption of coverage for you or your loved ones.
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The most common health care expenses, such as dental work, prescription drugs, eyeglasses, private and semi-private hospital room accommodation and many other costs, are not covered by a Government Health Insurance Plan. Note: If you are without an employer/employee group plan, these expenses can come out of your pocket. Can Kanetix: We are not an insurance company, but do work closely with more than 30 of Canada’s insurance providers to deliver unbiased information and quotations to our clients.Click here for multiple insurance quotesAlthough property insurance covers buildings and contents, it can also include a number of other risks as part of a package or separate policies.Please see our Frequently Answered Questions page for more insurance informationOther provincesCanadian Mortgages:
Canadian mortgages insist on professionalism. We have some of the best trained mortgage consultants in the industryry.